FormBot Set-up Guide

0. Text @gformnotifbot on Telegram with /newform, and it will reply with a message very similar to this.

The text that is highlighted above is your form-identifier.

1. Install our Forms add-on here or on our homepage.

2. Open your Google Form. With our add-on installed, you will see the highlighted icon at the leftmost of the menu bar.

3. Click on the add-on icon, choose FormBot in the menu that just opened.

4. If you didn't see the highlighted menu items, carry on. Otherwise skip to step 8.

5. Click on "Help", then "View in store".

6. Under the "Manage" menu, ensure that "Use in this document" has a tick besides it.

7. Refresh.

8. Recall the highlighted menu items here. Select "Link this Form", and insert your form-identifier.

9. Finished. Now you can test it out by submitting your Form, sit back and wait for the notification.

10. To unlink your Form, use "Unlink this Form".

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